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The Strategy Behind +145% User Growth for an Online eSports Platform

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

*Due to client confidentiality, the identity of the company cannot be shared in this case study.


An online eSports tournaments platform aimed to expand its user base and create an engaged community of eSports enthusiasts. As the digital marketing lead for this project, my objective was to develop a comprehensive strategy to enhance the brand's visibility, attract new users, and drive sign-ups through social media channels.


My first step in this project was to dive into in-depth research of the industry and target audience. Through a market, customer and competitive analysis, I was able to have a better understanding of the industry benchmarks and how to effectively communicate with the gaming audience.

The approach I utilized for this brand's content strategy involved three main pillars:

  • Creating organic engaging & highly-shareable social media content to generate brand awareness among the target market.

  • Partner with influencers in the eSports niche to leverage reach, visibility and user sign-ups.

  • Run paid social ads focused on boosting content distribution, website traffic and conversions.

As the project lead, I took charge of all content creation, social management tasks, and community engagement.


Through consistent efforts, the brand experienced significant growth on Facebook and Instagram. Within the first project iteration, the Facebook page achieved nearly 1 million monthly visitors.

Facebook Page Analytics

Instagram Profile Stats

The paid social strategy yielded exceptional results, with some content distribution ads achieving cost-per-result numbers as low as $0.00.

Notably, the platform witnessed a 145% increase in user sign-ups and an 85.7% higher conversion rate within a month.

Goal Analytics

Additionally, the website referral traffic from social media exhibited an impressive growth of 554.21% in users and a 444.42% increase in sessions compared to the previous period.

Website User Acquisition From Social

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