• Bianca Gurgel

How I Helped A B2B Company Increase LinkedIn Reach by 34%

Updated: Jun 10

*Due to client confidentiality, the identity of the company cannot be shared in this case study.


A publicly listed company in the technology sector needed help taking its social media presence to the next level. Their main vision was to use social content to position themselves thought leaders in the industry, attract the eyes of potential investors while building a community of like-minded businesspeople.


As the lead marketer in this project, I was responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive social media strategy that worked towards the client's goals.

Initially, I conducted in-depth research on the industry, competitors and target market. I also carried out a throughout audit of the company's current social media and website presence to understands its strength and weaknesses.

Finally, with a clear understanding of the industry, competitive landscape and company situation, I crafted a detailed social media and content plan that included:

  • Key messages

  • Brand voice and tone

  • Content pillars

  • Content schedule

  • Social branding

  • Hashtags strategy


Through the consistent execution of this content strategy, I was able to significantly grow the company's LinkedIn presence. In 3 months, these were the numbers of KPIs:

  • Reach was 34% higher compared to the previous period

  • Video views increased by 62%

  • Follower count grew by 56%

  • Clicks were up by 24%

  • And the average post engagement rate was 7.9%

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