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Helping a Limousine Rental Brand Reengage Potential Clients After The Pandemic

Updated: Jun 4, 2023


After being forced to cease operations for two years due to COVID-19 restrictions, a limousine rental company needed help in reconnecting with its client base and reaching new customers to promote its reopening. I was responsible for designing a social advertising campaign to drive traffic to a dedicated website page where visitors could obtain more information or book their rides online.


To maximize the impact of the limited ad investment, I strategically allocated the budget to test multiple target audiences at first. Leveraging the company's substantial social media following of nearly 20K across Facebook and Instagram, the existing followers were used as the basis for creating Lookalike audiences.

Three audiences were tested: a warm audience consisting of Facebook and Instagram engagers, a Lookalike audience based on the engagement data, and an interest-based audience with geographic segmentation. Additionally, two ad creatives were deployed: a carousel format and a short video. Given the conversion objective of form submissions through the company's website, the campaign objective selected was Traffic.


The campaign yielded promising results, with the following key metrics achieved:

  • Impressions: 143,955;

  • Accounts reached: 40,482;

  • Clicks: 1,514;

  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC): $0.49 (benchmark: $1.86);

  • Average Click-Through Rate (CTR): 1.5% (benchmark: 0.89%).

Finally, the cold audiences, including the Lookalike and interest-based segments, exhibited the best performance with a CPC of $0.48. This outcome was anticipated as these audiences are broader compared to the warm audience. Furthermore, the video ad creative outperformed the carousel, indicating the target audience's inclination towards consuming video content rather than engaging with static carousel ads.

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