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Helping a Limousine Rental Brand Reengage Potential Clients After The Pandemic

Updated: Jan 19


After shutting down its operations for 2 years due to COVID-19 restrictions, a limousine rental company needed help reengaging clients and promoting their re-opening.

The brand wanted to use social media advertising to reach potential customers with a re-opening ad. The objective was to send prospects to a website page where they could get in touch to learn more or book a ride online.


I decided to split the ad budget to test a few different audiences. As the company already had a considerable social media presence (almost 20K followers across Facebook and Instagram), I wanted to use their followers as the source for a Lookalike audience.

I tested 3 audiences:

  • A warm audience of Facebook and Instagram engagement.

  • A Lookalike audience of the Facebook and Instagram engagement.

  • A interest-based audience with geographic segmentation only.

I also tested 2 ad creatives: a carousel and a short video (see below). Since the conversion goal was a form submission through the company's website, the campaign objective selected was Traffic.


The final numbers from this campaign were as follow:

  • Impressions: 143,955

  • Accounts reached: 40,482

  • Clicks: 1,514

  • Avg. CPC: $0.49 ($1.86 benchmark)

  • Avg. CTR: 1.5% (0.89% benchmark)

The best performing audiences (CPC of $0.48) were the cold ones: Lookalike and Interests. This is expected since they are much broader than the warm audience.

The best performing ad creative was the video ad. This shows that the target audience is much more prompt to consume video content than interact with static carousel ads.

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