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Going Viral Organically on Facebook

Updated: Mar 22

At VetVox Marketing I have the pleasure to help amazing veterinarians expand their reach online and care for more animals in their communities.

In this case study, I wanted to present the strategies used to boost organic growth for one of our clients, a small veterinary clinic in Alberta. The company's main objective with social media marketing was to use Facebook to stay in touch with current clients, and boost compliance.

After auditing the brand's initial social efforts, I was able to identify their best-performing content types and the best times to post. Looking at their channel's analytics I also uncovered important details about their client's demographic (age, gender. location, etc), and behavioural features.

For the overall organic side of the strategy, I focused on 3 key elements: (1) consistency, (2) value, and (3) engagement. I wanted to ensure the content was not only shared consistently (i.e., consistent aesthetics, messaging and frequency), but also that it was valuable to followers, and engaged them in a conversation with the brand.

Below find some of the posts I created for the clinic.

Post samples

Going viral

One post specifically, about Poison Prevention, went viral! The main objective of this simple infographic was to warn pet owners about common household items/foods that are toxic to animals. The post had over 530 shares, 600+ reactions and 499 comments. It reached a total of 47k+ accounts, 20 times more than the actual number of page followers at the time!

100% Organic Results.


By the end of the first month of strategy execution, the Facebook page's stats were:

  • Page views: +82%

  • Reach: +757%

  • Post's engagement: +60%

  • Followers: +238%

The client was very happy with the results and I am glad that I was able to help such a great professional reach more people and promote their compassionate care.

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