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Cultivating a Community of Fitness & Health Enthusiasts Through Content

Updated: Jun 4, 2023


Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club (re-branded in 2020 as Fitness World) operates 20+ fitness clubs across BC. As part of the company's content team, I played a pivotal role in implementing an effective inbound marketing strategy to achieve three key goals:

  • Customer retention and loyalty

  • Brand awareness and

  • Lead generation

With a focus on engaging our target buyer personas, I collaborated with a team of subject-matter experts and utilized visual assets from our fitness clubs to create compelling content for social media and the blog.


Social Media

To foster customer retention, loyalty, and community engagement, I developed a comprehensive organic social media strategy. Working closely with my team, we crafted a content plan that showcased the brand's values and identity through personable and community-based posts. Here are a few examples of the engaging social media content I created, including photography, copywriting, and hashtag strategy.


Blogging played a crucial role in our inbound strategy, contributing to our SEO goals and providing valuable content for our target audience. As part of the content team, I brainstormed monthly content ideas that were relevant to our buyer personas.

Additionally, I coordinated with external subject-matter experts, such as personal trainers, nutritionists, and fitness educators, to produce high-quality articles. I personally wrote over 20 pieces of long-form content, covering topics related to health, fitness, lifestyle, and other areas of interest for our personas. Although the company's blog is no longer live due to rebranding, I have included screenshots of some articles I wrote.

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