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Steve Nash Fitness World's Content Strategy

Updated: Apr 6

While working at Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club I was responsible for gathering content (video/photo) at the different gyms and working collaboratively with other team members to have that content shared throughout the company's online channels (email, blog, and social media).

The brand's inbound marketing goal was to build awareness, stay top-of-mind, and generate leads online. Besides the company's main account (@stevenashfitnessclubs), I was also responsible for creating content for another sub-brand, @snfcgt12.

Below you can view a few examples of content created by me – including photography and copy.

Post samples

Blog content

Another important element of Steve Nash Fitness Club's content strategy was blogging. As part of the content team, I was responsible for brainstorming monthly content ideas that were relevant to the target market and collaborated with the company's SEO strategy.

Besides brainstorming, I was also responsible for coordinating the execution of the content with external experts (Personal Trainers & Nutritionists) and writing blog articles – I wrote over 20 pieces for the blog.

Unfortunately, the company's blog is not live anymore (as it was re-branded). However, below there are a few examples of article that I wrote. The topics were mostly related to health, fitness and lifestyle.

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