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Using Socia Media To Build A Community Of Health Enthusiasts For A Fitness Brand

Updated: Jan 19


Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Club (re-branded in 2020 as Fitness World) operates 20+ fitness clubs across BC. As part of the company's content marketing team, I was responsible for planning and executing an inbound strategy that worked towards 3 main goals:

  • Customer retention and loyalty

  • Brand awareness

  • Lead generation

As a a content coordinator I was responsible for gathering visual assets at the different gyms and working collaboratively with a team of subject-matter experts to create engaging content (social media and blog) that catered to the company's different buyer personas.

Besides managing the brand's main social accounts (@stevenashfitnessclubs), I was also responsible for creating content for another sub-brand called GT12 (@sfncgt12). GT12 is a small-group training program offered as an add-on to current SNFC members.


Social Media

The organic social strategy was focused on leveraging customer retention, loyalty and building an engaged community. Having that in mind, I worked collaboratively with other team members to craft a content plan focused on personable, community-based posts that clearly translated the brand's values and identity.

Below you can view a few examples of social posts created by me (photography, copywriting and hashtags strategy).


Another important element of Steve Nash Fitness Club's inbound strategy was blogging. As part of the content team, I was responsible for brainstorming monthly content ideas that were relevant to the buyer personas and contributed to the company's SEO goals.

Besides brainstorming, I was also responsible for writing blogs and coordinating the production of the articles with external subject-matter experts such as personal trainers, nutritionists, dieticians, kinesiologists, fitness educators, etc. I wrote over 20 pieces of long-form content for the brand.

Unfortunately, since it went through a rebranding, the company's blog isn't live anymore. However, below there are a few screenshots of articles that I wrote. The topics were related to health, fitness, lifestyle, affinity categories that are relevant to the brand's personas and cater to targeted SEO search terms.

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