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How I Helped a Fishing Company Achieve a $0.004 Facebook Cost-Per-Engagement

Updated: Jan 19


The client, a sturgeon fishing lodge in Chilliwack (British Columbia), wanted to reach a new audience of potential clients in other provinces. The goal was to promote a video that they had recently produced for social media showcasing their unique fishing experience and lodges' amenities.


In order to make the most out of the ad budget, I chose engagement as the campaign objective. This goal was selected because I wanted not only a high number of video views but also users actively engaging with the content.

As the company didn't have a strong social presence, I decided to target cold audiences based on relevant interests such as fishing, fishing equipments and brands. Since this was a more niched target, I also decided to segment the demographics by limiting age based on the customer data provided by the company.

See below the ad creative.


See below the final KPI numbers for this engagement campaign:

  • Accounts reached: 75,235

  • Impressions: 136,762

  • Video views: 124,390

  • Post engagements: 67,971

  • Cost per engagement: $0.004

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