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How I Helped a Fishing Company Attain an Exceptional $0.004 Cost-Per-Engagement on Facebook

Updated: Jun 4, 2023


A sturgeon fishing lodge in Chilliwack, British Columbia, needed help attracting a new audience of potential clients from other provinces. Their goal was to use social media to showcase their unique fishing experience and lodge amenities through a recently produced video.


Based on the client's goal, I opted for an engagement-focused campaign objective. This choice aimed to not only increase video views but also encourage active user interaction with the content. Considering the limited social presence of the company, I targeted cold audiences based on relevant interests such as fishing, fishing equipment, and brands. Demographics were further refined by using customer data to restrict age ranges and location.

See below the ad creative.


The engagement campaign yielded the following key performance indicators:

  • Accounts reached: 75,235

  • Impressions: 136,762

  • Video views: 124,390

  • Post engagements: 67,971

  • Cost per engagement: $0.004

By effectively reaching the target audience and achieving high engagement rates at a low cost, the campaign successfully promoted the fishing lodge video and attracted new potential clients from various provinces.

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