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316% ROI Facebook Ads Campaign For a Veterinary Brand

Updated: Jan 19, 2023


At VetVox Marketing I have the pleasure to help amazing veterinarians expand their reach online and care for more animals in their communities.

In this case study, I want to present the advertising strategy used to capture leads for a client. The main goal of this campaign was to promote the brand's monthly Spay & Neuter event, where a 20% limited-time discount is offered.


The big challenge with this project was that the local Veterinary College does not allow the advertisement of prices or discounted rates for veterinary services.

Therefore, I decided to create a broad ad with an eye-catchy creative promoting the event and encouraging people to get in touch through Facebook Messenger to learn more about the offer.

Then, they would receive an automated message explaining the 20% discount and were prompted to call the clinic to claim their special rate and book an appointment.

Below are a couple of ads used in this campaign. I also tested a few different creatives initially, but the two presented below performed best.


This campaign ran for 2 months and the results were:

  • 10k accounts reached

  • 52 leads generated

  • A total of 3 Spay/Neuter appointments booked

Considering that the total revenue generated from the ads was $950 and the ad spend was $300, the campaign's ROAS (return-on-ad spend) was 316%.

It's important to notice that this ROAS is not taking into account the life-time value of the new clients, which would increase even more the impact of the advertising investment.

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