• Bianca Gurgel

GoPro Hero 4 Digital Advertising Campaign

The main objective of the pieces is to help the company e-commerce Kent’s Camera Castle increase sales for the GoPro Hero 4 action camera.

Google Display Ad

Facebook Ad

Target Market

In general, the GoPro brand is focused on attending to a very specialized demand, the active thrill-seekers. This niche needs a greatly resistant and compact camera that also has an outstanding quality of the image. Moreover, these customers also want to feel part of a community with which they share their values and lifestyle. Thus, the GoPro Hero 4, as an evolution of the GoPro line, brings all the improved technical specifications and also the brand equity of GoPro to meet both needs and wants of this target market.

Positioning Strategy

The positioning strategy used in the ads is based on lifestyle segmentation and on the brand equity of GoPro. The blend of emotional and lifestyle appeal was applied in the ads in order to create a quick connection with the target audience, especially through the appealing images. Overall, the unique value proposition of the ads is grounded on GoPro’s brand equity, the well-known quality of its products, and the improved specifications of the new model.

The focus of the message is to show how that the GoPro Hero 4 offers two times more performance than the GoPro Hero 3 while maintaining the convenience and resistance of the line. Therefore, the ads position the camera as 2x more powerful than the previous model, and the improved technical quality is reflected in 2x more definition and emotion for the videos.

This headline was used because I believe that the main motivation for people to buy action cameras is to share their adventures with as emotion and liveliness as possible. For this, complementing the copy, the images play an important role in catching the eyes of the audience.

Marketing Mix Elements

The GoPro Hero 4 was the product selected to feature the banners because it is the most popular item at the store. Thus, although it has the lowest margin, the high number of sales will possibly bring the highest profit for the company and, consequently, a great ROI for the campaign. The banners don't appeal in price, as mentioned before the quality and improvements of the new GoPro model are the focus of the message strategy. Thus, the price wasn't displayed on the banners.

Regarding the display network, the second ad would be presented on Facebook. The other two ads, skyscraper and medium rectangular would be presented on the Google Display Network. It includes a wide range of popular websites such as Google sites, Google partners, non-Google sites, and YouTube. Google has the largest and richest inventory of information about Internet users, thus, choosing the Google Display Network is very effective in reaching all this audience. Displaying the banners on this network will bring a higher number of impressions and, potentially, high conversion rates. Consequently, the bid strategy for this campaign would be focused on conversions (Cost-per-acquisition).

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