• Bianca Gurgel

Facebook Ads Content Distribution Campaign For VetVox Marketing

The strategy behind VetVox Marketing's lead generation efforts was built based on a digital sales funnel. At the top of the funnel, a content distribution Facebook Ads campaign drives brand awareness and reaches new potential clients with useful/educational micro-content.

In this case study, I will describe how I strategized the content distribution efforts for VetVox. The objective of the Top of Funnel ads were not only to boost brand awareness but build a relevant audience-base for retargeting and qualified potential clients.

The objective selected for content distribution was Video View because of its ability to deliver content to a wide audience for a lower. Below you can view a few video ads done for VetVox Marketing.

Ad samples


This content distribution campaign ran for 1 month and the results were:

  • 8,9k ThruPlays

  • $0.01 Cost per ThruPlay

I was also able to test a few different audience's segmentations (interest and lookalike). Finally, the campaign was successful in drawing attention to the brand and expanding the company's online presence.

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