Hi, and welcome to my website! My name is Bianca Gurgel and I love to help people spread their messages and impact the world through online strategies. I have a bachelor degree in Systems and Digital Media at the Federal University of CearĂ¡. In this 4 years program, I learned important technical and theoretical skills about the production of different types of digital contents such as games, photography, websites, videos etc. 
Moreover, my passion for movies lead me to study Audiovisual Production and Editing at Gracom School of Visual Effects (http://bit.ly/1Ttg7DI). In the end of this program, I got an official certification from Adobe for the software Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.
Together with this creative background, I also have a strong interest in marketing strategies, especially in crafting strategic plans that use digital content to achieve business goals. Therefore, as a marketing professional, I am able to use my technical knowledge and experiences in digital content production to create remarkable online campaigns focused on creativity and innovation.

Finally, with a range of interdisciplinary knowledge, I seek for jobs that allow me to apply my practical and strategic skills, contributing to the growth of contractors.

Let's keep in touch: biancagurgelco@gmail.com