Aug 10, 2020

Landing Page for Kent's Camera Castle

--> This is a landing page created for the GoPro Hero 4. A print screen of the final design is presented below and the landing page can be accessed through this link:

If you want to know how I created this page, just keep reading! =)

GoPro Hero 4 Landing Page

Target Market
     The target of the landing page is of active thrill-seekers or people interested in action filmmaking in general. The source of traffic would be pay-per-click ads in search engine results page and network display ads. The niche that GoPro target needs a greatly resistant and compact camera that also has an outstanding quality of the image. Moreover, these customers also want to feel part of a community with which they share their values and lifestyle.
     Thus, the GoPro Hero 4, as an evolution of the GoPro line, brings all the improved technical specifications and also the brand equity of GoPro to meet both needs and wants of this target market. Therefore, the elements (pictures, video, description, and copy) on the landing page appeal to this target. The target expects to find more information about the camera, especially the technical specifications. Besides, they want a quick overview of the product to make sure if the offer is appealing enough to keep looking for more information.

Best Practices
     The landing page was divided into sections, with clear headings that facilitate the reading, and with lots of blank spaces that help to visitors have a more clean movement and better intake of the data. I create a clean design that makes easy and intuitive navigation. Overall I applied the UX concepts learned in class to ensure a user-friendly experience. Therefore, the content on the page is highly relevant for the source of traffic and it will ensure a low bounce rate of the ad. I followed the Conversion-Centered design principles and the LIFT model to boost the conversion rate of the page. The colours, shapes, and fonts keep the design congruent and the information clear. 
     The headline “20% Off Only Today!” creates a sense of urgency that boosts the persuasion power of the page in conjunction with the unique value proposition, which is the discount. Moreover, the copy of the product throughout the page was created aiming to persuade action. The main persuasive components of the page are the UVP, which is a combination of the 20% Off discount with the camera attributes, features, and benefits. The design follows UX principles, is clear and minimizes distraction and anxiety. The buyer's reviews and the security seal give credibility and encourage action.
     Furthermore, I employed the insights from eye-tracking studies. I put the main content above the fold, including the CTA. I also broke up the content into short paragraphs, provide headings, and use bullets to create an unimpeded “eye flow”. In the buyer's review section, I’ve used pictures of faces since it's proved that it attracts people's attention. Finally, in the footer, I inserted another CTA with a compelling copy to increase conversions once the bottom of the page is the second-most viewed section.

*Disclaimer: Please, make sure to appropriately cite this publication when using it as a reference in your assignments/projects. Otherwise, it will be considered plagiarism! 

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