Nov 16, 2016

Pervasive Mobile Game "Sivira"

A pervasive game is a video game where the gaming experience is extended out in the real world, or where the fictive world in which the game takes place blends with the physical world (Nieuwdorp, 2007).
"Sivira" is a pervasive mobile game, for Android platform, destined to the freshmen of the course of Systems and Digital Media. It was developed by Bianca Gurgel, Otacílio Vieira, Guilherme Braga e Messias Lima for the course "Multimedia Projects" at the Federal University of Ceará (Brazil). The project's making of (Portuguese) can be watched below.

Making of


The game follows the idea of a treasure hunt and aims to help new University students to know the Campus. In groups, the students walk around searching for 3 keys that can open the treasure chest. The teams start at different points, which will contain a hint that leads to another location. The game ends when one of the teams find the 3 keys and open the treasure chest. The following video (Portuguese) explain the idea of the game.



To test the functionalities and the interface is important. Therefore, we did a test functional test before releasing the game to the users. 


My main task in this project was plan and design a interface that is pleasing and attractive to the target, enabling easy, intuitive and user-friendly experience. Along with this, I had to create a visual identity that is consistent with the target audience and the proposal of the game. You can check some of the screens below.



Game Design: Bianca Gurgel
Programming: Messias Lima
Logo Design: Guilherme Braga
Video: Otacílio Barros 

More information about the project (Portuguese):

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