Apr 13, 2016

WebDoc. "#VaiTerPraça"

A web documentary  is a production that can differs from the more traditional forms—video, audio, photographic—by applying a full complement of multimedia tools.

The web documentary "#VaiTerPraça" was produced by students of the course "Communication and New Media" at the Federal University of Ceará (2014).

The purpose of this webdoc. is to draw attention to the situation of the squares of Fortaleza and to portray the affective relationship that people establish with these places.

During the months of April, May and June, the students went through many famous squares such as  Ferreira, Portugal, Gentilândia, José de Alencar, May 13th and Public Tour. Fear and insecurity have been overcome and an unknown Fortaleza has been presented: the squares are plural places, with the most different kind of people...street people, artists, street vendors, passers-by, prostitutes etc.

In this project, me and two more colleagues were responsible for all the video content. Therefore, we went to several important squares to capture and tell the unique story that each place has. One of the films, about the square May 13th, you can watch below:

Access the WebDoc Page:   http://bit.ly/1qS2qTA
More information on Facebook: http://bit.ly/1V1Umf4 


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