Mar 15, 2016

Final Thesis - Qualitative Study on the Satisfaction of the Brazilian Fashion E-consumer


The Brazilian e-commerce market is booming. From 2013 to 2014, there was a nominal growth of 24%, according to 2015 WebShopper report. One of the segments with the highest volume of sales is the Fashion and Accessories segment. However, despite it being responsible for a large amount of online shopping, this segment has the lowest customer satisfaction indexes. In this context, a clear understanding about how the satisfaction is built becomes relevant. Understanding how this public evaluates a shopping experience, it is possible to reach important insights that will help improve their level of satisfaction. Thus, the present work comes with the purpose of analyzing the profile of the e-fashion segment consumer in Brazil, taking into consideration the determinants factors of their satisfaction.

For this, a netnography research analyzing the buyer’s evaluations of three stores in
the segment was made. The comments, collected from the website of e-bit company, were encoded through a computer assisted qualitative analysis in order to reach a set of factors that represent the main determinants of e-consumer satisfaction. In addition, it was analyzed the recurrence of each construct aiming to identify what was most quoted and, therefore, had greater weight in the construction of satisfaction. At the end of the survey, we identified 10 main factors: Product Price, Navigation / Buying Experience, Reliability, Customer Support, Product Quality, Product Variety, Delivery, Promotional Activities and Security. The results and conclusions shows that the Brazilian e-consumer values, especially, the factors of Delivery, Navigation / Buying Experience and Product Quality when they evaluate their shopping experience.

See the full thesis below.

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