Oct 6, 2019

Content Marketing: Lead Generation Strategy

    This campaign was developed as part of the e-Marketing course at Douglas College. The campaign proposed to the cameras e-commerce Kent's Camera Castle aims to generate a segmented list of prospects interested in action cameras.

e-Book Cover

e-Book Facebook Post

Target Audience
The primary element to effectively execute this campaign is to understand the audience needs and pains. Since the main goal of the campaign is to generate leads for a segmented list of potential action camera buyers, the ideal persona would have the following profile:

  • Age: 25-44
  • Gender: Male (mostly)
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Keywords: Outdoor, adventure, thrill seeker
  • Hobbies: Hiking, biking, scuba, skydiving, surfing, skateboarding, etc. 
  • Lifestyle: Very social, active and healthy.
  • Behavior: Use Facebook, YouTube, Vine, and other channels to interact and share content. Use the internet to learn and stay up to date with the news. 

     Since it is a basic guide about action filmmaking, the target is composed of beginners filmmakers that want to improve their videos or are thinking about buying a new camera. Another characteristic of this audience is that they are in the initial stage of the buyer’s journey and that’s why they might be interested in a more informational piece. Ultimately, based on this features of the audience, it is possible to plan and craft a greatly effective lead generation campaign.

Marketing Mix & Positioning

    The understanding of the 4P’s behind this strategy is essential knowledge for implementation and success. Therefore, the marketing mix and positioning strategy for this campaign are detailed in this topic.
  • Product: GoPro or future action cameras that the company might sell. However, since it is a content marketing strategy, the goal is not to encourage immediate purchase of the product, but generate a rich list of prospects for further promotions.
  • Place: The ebook will be placed in a conversion centered designed landing page. Ultimately, the leads will be converted into buyers and the marketplace for the purchase will be the e-commerce web page.
  • Price: The ebook is free, the only “price” that visitors pay to get it is to fill the form with their personal information.
  • Promotion: The promotion of the campaign will be through social media (paid and organic), paid ads (search and display networks) and influencer marketing. The main goal is to generate traffic towards the landing page. Onsite and Offsite SEO will also be used to enhance the promotion by generating organic traffic.
  • Positioning: The appeal and positioning message will be focused on persuading the visitor to download the resource by creating value for the e-book. This way, the visitor will be convinced that the knowledge that the e-book provides is more valuable than the information that he or she will have to share in order to get it. The main UVP for the offer is that it provides the practical knowledge that allows anyone to create professional videos that will impress everybody. 

Digital Marketing Tactics & Implementation

     The basic elements of this lead generation strategy will be (Kolowich, 2017):
  • Visitor: The target was detailed previously. The source of traffic would be mostly paid ads (search, display ads, and social media ads) and referrals (e.g.social media, company’s blog and partners websites)
  • Call to Action: The call to action is a crucial element that directly affects conversion rates. For this campaign, it is important to make sure that the CTA is visible and has a compelling copy. 
  • Landing Page: The landing page must apply conversion-centered design best practices in order to optimize the lead generation. The landing page implementation will be detailed next.
  • Form: The form in the landing page should require basic information (email and full name) and the country, in order to segment future promotions based on location.
  • Offer: The offer of the landing page is the main reason why people visit the page. As mentioned previously, for this campaign the proposed offer is a free ebook about action filmmaking that relates to the GoPro products, “GoPro Action Filmmaking Handbook”. As mentioned before, the UVP of the e-book is the possibility to create videos that look professional and share experiences with more impact and emotion.

Landing Page

e-Book Landing Page

    As a prototype, I also developed a design for the landing page, a crucial element of the strategy (http://bit.ly/2w3aJiw). The design was conversion centered and I applied the LIFT model best practices to assure that the page is effective in converting visitors into leads.
     Thus, it has clear headings that facilitate the reading and blank spaces that help the reading and improve intake of the data. The content is clear and relevant to the source of traffic, which will minimize distraction and anxiety, and ensure a low bounce rate. The copy was divided into short paragraphs, with clear headings and bullets to create an unimpeded “eye flow”.
     The colors, shapes, and fonts keep the design congruent and give unity. The value proposition is highlighted in the big headings and the question title, placed above the fold, catch attention and encourages the user to keep reading. The countdown timer was used to create a sense of urgency and encourages immediate action that is the fuel for the UVP.
     Ultimately, I strived to develop a design that is simple and provides an easy and intuitive navigation. Following the best practices of UX and conversion centered design, I can ensure an user-friendly experience while increasing conversions.

Oct 15, 2018

Check out the my latest articles for BCAMA!

I am excited to share with you my latest BCAMA's blog articles! 

I am extremely honored to help BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association impact marketers in the province. Being a blog writer for the organization has been a great adventure that helps me grow exponentially as a marketing professional.

Planning the content of the articles and actually writing them has been a wonderful learning experience for me. Being able to share my knowledge with BCAMA's readers and collaborate with the organization to create a community of like-minded marketers is a privilege.

Following are the articles that I produced until now. I hope the content is useful and easy to understand. Let me know your feedback!

Oct 9, 2018

Douglas College Intramurals 2018

Graphics designed for the 2018 edition of the Douglas College Intramurals. The event involves students friendly competitions in different sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball and badminton. The designs created this year were Tombstone, Poster and Social Media.




Aug 23, 2018

2018 Royals Rumble - Douglas College

     Royals Rumble is a multisport intramural event that happens every year at Douglas College. This year the challenge was to create a new brand identity that could effectively convey the idea behind the event. The ultimate goal was to increase awareness across the campuses, team's sign up, and students involvement. For this, the following marketing materials were developed by me.
Royals Rumble Social Media Graphic

Royals Rumble Poster
Royals Rumble Ominvex Graphic

Mar 4, 2018

2018 Douglas College Health Fair - Join the Ride!

Douglas College Student Engagement department organizes an annual health fair tat the Coquitlam and New Westminster campus. The event aims to promote health practices in different areas such as mental, physical and environmental.

The 7th edition of the health fair happened in March 2018 with the theme "Join The Ride!". The idea was to bring a "spin cycle club atmosphere" to the concourse in order to encourage students to learn more about health practices and lifestyle.

Following this years theme, I worked collaboratively with the communications department team to develop an attractive brand that reflects the spirit of the event. Below, you can take a look at the results of the creative process. Besides the brand, a wide range of marketing materials for different media was created.

T-Shirt Logo

Social Media


Jan 22, 2018